A call to action:

Dear supporter,

We are calling on you to support our petition in which we make concrete demands to all those who have political and social influence. Whether politicians, managers or citizens – we can all make a contribution to shaping a better future for all of us and future generations.

We demand that companies that want to sell medicines in a region also produce them there.

The production of medicines must not lead to environmental damage and become a health risk for local people.

We are committed to a society in which working citizens contribute to the care of all people.

Everyone should have access to all effective medicines at affordable prices, regardless of where they live or their circumstances.

In the coming weeks, we need the support of everyone who, like us, believes that it makes a difference whether you remain silent and complain or become active and raise your voice. Every single person who lives on this earth and wants a better future for themselves and their children can get involved. Your voice is important!

The idea that globalisation is possible without global social responsibility has proven to be a misconception. It is time for humanity to wake up and realise that local inclusion of people is essential. Join us in raising this awareness in our society.

Sign our petition now and set an example for a better world! Together we can make a difference.

Thank you very much for your support!