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India is now the world’s second-largest producer of pharmaceuticals and is aiming for first place by 2030. In the last 20 years, the Indian government has invested primarily in drug production in one city: Hyderabad, a world centre for the drug industry, has acute pollution problems.

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India: Hyderabad – The World’s Biggest Pharmacy

Although medicines are affected on a large scale, the establishment of new industries far away from those to be supplied is pushed forward, regardless of the known serious effects on the environment and the health of the inhabitants.

Political leaders can only put a stop to this if the demands raised by citizens for the regionalisation of supply structures are implemented immediately.

We call for a serious turnaround from the „now“ to a better future, in a responsible turn towards the needs of the citizens.

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Addressing medicine shortates in the EU

Press release on Addressing medicine shortates in the EU


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